Camping & Outdoor Activites

Kamlunge Husvagnsklubb KHK

Den lilla campingen vid Kalix älv

Kamlunge Camping

Warmly welcome to the scenic Kamlunge and the small campsite at the Kalix river. A quiet place for relaxation and recreation, with amazing scenery & fine fishing. At Kamlunge camping you are close to most, central Kalix is ​​only 25km away.

Annually occurring events in the immediate area:

  • Kalix Summer Festival
  • Flakasand Rock & Bluesfestival (Morjärv)
  • Day Of The Grayling (Kamlunge)
  • Överkalix Market 
For further information on events in the area,
see Heart Of Lapland

Open hours

Daily 09:00 - 20:00