Information regarding COVID-19

At Kamlunge Camping we work in every way to minimize the risks of possible spread of infection, therefore we follow directives from the government and the Public Health Agency. We keep us updated on the daily and current situation. Kamlunge Camping is open as usual, but with extra attention to the safety of guests and members.

Prior to the season, we have carried out a basic risk analysis to ensure a pleasant and safe stay at Kamlunge Camping, and as a result of this we have taken the following measures.

Service house

  • We disinfect daily handles, knobs, flush button, all places where you hold or press.
  • In each toilet and shower you will find a disinfectant that you can use for extra cleaning.
  • We have soap is in the toilets so you can wash your hands.
  • We have no cash handling, so we want you to pay by card, Swish or bank transfer.

As guest

  • We assume that you as a guest take your own responsibility to prevent the spread of infection.
  • Remember to keep your distance from others.
  • Avoid greeting others by shake hands.
  • Stay home if you have any disease symptoms.
  • We recommend you to leave the campsite if you get any disease symptoms during your stay.
  • Keep up to date and informed about government decisions. Keep up to date about information that is available in the posters.